5 Web Design Elements No Website Should Be Without

1. Professional Website Design Website design is many business’s first impression. What does your website visually communicate about your company? Studies show that ugly websites turn away as many as 35% of would-be clients. Great websites are organized and designed in a way that increases sales and conversion (engaging your business). Website visitors will judge […]

Website Marketing Strategy: 5 Tips for Small Business Budgets

Small business website marketing can be a growth catalyst for any company looking to increase sales and bottom-line. Many times, small businesses understand marketing can get them new customers, but don’t know where to turn for a strategy that fits their budget. The most successful companies invest in themselves, and with the right strategy, online […]

Decoding Web Design – Clarifying Common Web Design Terms

If you’ve ever worked with a web designer or researched a new website, no doubt you’ve heard terms like “content management system” or “wordpress website”. Maybe you have been presented options for an “static website“, “content management system website“, or “e-commerce website“. But what do these phrases mean? Let’s take a look at some common […]